Responsible Investments Forum 2016

Thank you for attending our Global Sustain Responsible Investments Forum 2016. Looking forward to welcome you in our 2017 Gobal Sustain Responsible Investments Forum!

Exact date will be announced soon!

Which are the trends in Responsible Investments & what is the role of private and institutional investments to reach climate goals?

What is Responsible Investing? Which are the trends & why is it trendy? Is it also register-276x300profitable? Which are the main ways & segments of Responsible Investing? Which are the hot markets & the leading players? How can private and institutional investors drive finance innovation and transition to a low carbon economy after COP21 agreement last year in Paris and the SDGs in New York City? Do we need more, new & innovative financial products such as Green Bonds or other ones?


The market of Responsible Investing is growing. Paris Agreement in 2015 sent a clear message about facing the problem of climate change & move to 2o Celsius economy & to a low-carbon global economy. What is the role of Responsible Investing, where does Germany stand in comparison with other EU countries & where does EU stand in comparison with USA? At Global Sustain Responsible Investment Forum decision makers from policy, financial industry, investors share their opinion about the new trends & the transition to the new low carbon global economy.

Speakers & Attendees

International speakers from policy, banking, financial & investment industries , bankers, policy makers and financial regulators, funds, institutional & private investors, wealth management companies, family houses, corporations, banking & financial associations, rating agencies, think tanks, embassies, etc.

Attendees included: Minerva Capital Partners, IHK Berlin, CDP, KfW Development Bank,Sustainable Intelligence, MSCI, International Bankers Forum, Danone, Interface, Investment Bank Berlin, Triodos Bank, Responsible Investment Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG), Wermuth Asset Management GmbH, Business Wire, Nachhaltige Investments, Mein Geld, Absolut Research, European Sustainable Investment Forum (Eurosif), Commerzbank, S&P Dow Jones and many more…

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